AutHomation not working on Android device (GXP-2200 Andriod desk phone)

Wanted to try AutHomation app on a new Andriod device, a SIP phone (business grade) that runs on Android. The product is made by Grandstream and the model is GXP-2200 ( Application install correctly, but reports NO NETWORK- INTERNET CONNECTION. Seems like the application is looking only for WiFi or cellular data (GMS, GGPRS, etc) to work properly; otherwise, it reports no internet connectivity and does no allow me to connect to Vera at all.

This particular Andriod device (very nice phone if you are into VoIP) has an actual ethernet port, so there is network connectivity and internet access from the phone itself. Although it has an option for a USB wireless adapter, I am using the phone hardwired to a PoE switch (power an data). It will be great if there is a possibility for the AutHomation app to look for ANY network connection. If the modification is not a complicated one, I will be more than happy to test it and verify if it works. It will be nice to have control of my Zwave network from the conform of my office phone.

Unfortunately this runs Android 2.3 and I have dropped support for AutHomation which was meant for Android 2.3 due to limited time and resources (I do not own any more android 2.3 devices).

  • Garrett

Thanks Garret. Seems like this company (Grandstream) standardize on Android 2.3 as it is the most stable platform for them to develop their SIP stack. I guess it is only a matter of time before they have to upgrade… I guess I will wait.