Authomation HD will not work if I am out of my network

I can only get Authomation HD to work only when I am in my network (close to my wireless router at home). Once I am out of network range, I cannot get it work (via my cell phone provider). Does Authomation HD have the ability to go out of my network (ie: check and control doors and lights), or am I limited to being within range of my wireless router?

Well if your asking such a silly question you probley haven’t searched or even looked in the settings options.

But to answer you question yes it does work remote.

What VERA UI version are you using?

Did you setup the correct server, port, ip address, user and password, check auto connection switching and remote type? It’s all under your settings in Authomation HD “edit vera” section.

Sorry, I did not mean to offend, I am quite new at this and I know that I have a lot to learn. I appologise and you are right, I should have researched it more. I found out later on that Authomation HD is not compatible with UI 6 for now.

Wasn’t meant to be hard to be hard on you. Unfortunately there is a learning cure to get everything setup. It’s going to take some research and reading for the basics and if you get stuck then questions are expected. It was posted in this forum only 4-5 post down that UI6 is not supported and on a forum there is many repeated questions when the answer is already there or very close by.

If you just picked up a new Vera and it’s running Ui6 you can wait it out or you can downgrade to UI5. Info is here and I would suggest going to Ui5 as everything works with it. Ui6 will leave you a with a better looking UI (doesn’t help from your phone or tablet) but alot of things don’t work for now. You can always go back up to UI7 when all bugs are worked out and things run with it.

Info here or call Vera support and hav them do it.,23161.msg177094.html#msg177094

Have a look here for a beta release of AutHomationHD that will work with UI6.

Support has been out for months but not released to the play store until I am comfortable with it being stable which is pretty solid in its current state.

  • Garrett