Authomation HD beta and the EnviR Energy Monitor plug-in


Regarding the EnviR Energy Monitor (CurrentCost) Vera plug-in and the Authomation HD beta app now showing question marks.

On my VeraLite UI5 this EnviR Energy Monitor Vera plug-in was set to auto update it was ticked, but for some reason my installed version was only 25.0. I have just installed the latest version which is 32.0 from the MiOS marketplace.

In the latest Authomation HD beta app it still shows question marks on the related devices. However when I actually click on to one of these devices the correct Wattage usage is then displayed OK, so its kinda half working.

This all worked fine on the last version of Authomation HD that was available from the Google Play app store.

Please see screen shots attached.

This is just for informational purposes as development is on hold.

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