AutHomation Alarm Arm States

Hi Garrett

Love this app, it’s quite simply phenomenal! I’ve got a question on the alarm arming options…

I like using the home screen widgets. When I select the widget for Arm States, it gives me a number of options, iStay, Arm Away, Stay Instant, etc… Question I have is why isn’t there a shortcut for Stay? Arming Stay gives me the warning when I open the door, Stay Instant doesn’t give me an entry/exit delay. The only reason I ask is because I keep forgetting to disarm before opening the door so the alarm starts wailing ::slight_smile: iStay doesn’t seem to work with my alarm, the only Stay option that works is Stay Instant.

I’m using a Honeywell/Ademco Vista 20iP for my security system.


Sorry for the delay. This appears to be a bug and I will push this fix out with the next beta release.

  • Garrett

That’s really appreciated Garrett, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Garrett

Did you get a chance to do this? I’m still not able to arm-stay the normal way, only instant :frowning:


Garrett has moved on to another HA platform and it appears development on AuthomationHD has been put on hold.

I’m in the process of moving my Android devices over to ImperiHome due to this. Pity, as I really love Authomation.