Australian Vera skill

Hi Guys, So Amazon has released echo and dot officially in Australia, US skill has stopped working, (it stopped before i even moved to Aus account) wondering if there is an ETA on release.


The offical communication addressed this issue:

To enjoy the Alexa experience for Australia and New Zealand, please select English (Australian) within the Alexa App?s settings (Settings > Device > Language).

If you prefer your current set of Alexa skills, please change your device country settings to the US. Click here to change your device country settings.

Setting to US has not worked for me. Anyway, I would prefer to be able to use vera and have the Australian experience as well if that is ok.

I understand this may take some time but I am just wondering if there is some sort of ETA.

Hello Everyone,

Similar to Amazon Alexa localization for our Canadian customers, Australian version requires re-certification which is a time-consuming process.

Don’t get me wrong, we really wish to be possible to keep it up with Amazon’s new regions and have Amazon Alexa ready the same day, but we are not entirely in control of the process.
We are considering a few temporary solutions like a some beta’s like we had for the original Vera Skill but these still remain to be discussed and approved internally.

If it’s of any help, I see that some of the people already found a few other temporary solutions in the Canada thread:,52100.0.html

I will keep you posted with any new updates related to the subject.

Thanks for the info. I have 3 houses I have setup with Vera and Alexa and have let them know it could be a while till skill is released here. If they get desperate I will try the thread you suggested. Thanks again for the update.

Hey, I have Vera and Alexa in Australia.
Set the country to US on your amazon account. This re-enables the Vera skill. Then, in the settings for the Alexa devices themselves you can now give them Australian locations.
Everything now works perfectly and Vera integrates. There are a lot of new enhancements in the Alexa app too.
The end user should have no way of seeing they have a US setting in the amazon account.

Happy Australia Day!

I think this is a hit and miss similar to the latest Vera FW.

I lost all control of Vera and scene controls.
All US Skills were erased and it appears that there are no Australian skills available yet (I get a blank screen).
Reverted back to US settings with Alexa advising the 2 devices that it had found had worked (turn on lights).
They didn’t.
I think I will ask Alexa to play some river sounds, crack open a tinnie and throw a prawn on the barbie, then wait until Amazon get the Oz skills set up.

Have a good one :slight_smile:

Happy Australia Day! Yeah I also tried this morning to do as Marcus said but no go. Might try the beta route at some point but hopefully we don’t have to wait too long. I’m with you Zedrally. Time for a beer!

“Fosters - Australian for Beer.”

What didn?t work?
You have to make sure you move your amazon account back to US, not the Alexa location. Do you get the option to re-enable the Vera skill?

If you move back to the US skill store, do you lose the Australian skills and Alexa’s Aussie speech localisation?

Yes, I’m still waiting on Vera to update before changing over the AUS version.

If you have your amazon account set to US, you can still set your location, timezone and preferred speech localisation to AU (or NZ in my case) as this seems to be a per device setting. Well on the amazon Echo this is the case anyway.

I have 2 echos which this works on. I also imported a Ecobee4 from the US which has Alexa built in. I can set my location and timezone however can not change the speech localisation so am stuck with the US version for this which isn’t ideal. This is understandable though seeing as they only are officially released in the US and am not sure if they plan to spread worldwide. With the different localisation, most of the time the Echo’s respond to me even if i’m standing right by the Ecobee which is an interesting experiment.

Skills on the other hand are global so you either can use AU or US skills. This is the most annoying part as NZ now are releasing NZ/AU locked skills. Not sure what the rationale behind that is… =/

I really hope Vera release an AU skill sometime soon.


Hello Vera, I am very annoyed that there isn’t the alexa skill for Australia yet, if you look in the skills section in the Alexa app a lot of other home automation vendors have got their skill for Australia. From my point of view this is not very good , I am loosing faith in your company, please advise us WHEN it will be available.
regards zachattac

I am also annoyed (to say the least) - none of the workarounds work!
Can you please provide an ETA on Alexa skill for Australia???


G’day :wink:

I’d really love to give you more details guys but I really don’t have them atm. :-[

As soon as I’ll have more on this I’ll keep you posted

Still not sure of the problem.
Mine works perfectly with Vera.
I had to initially set the skill up in the US store to configure Vera connection (as we all did).
When the Alexa was officially supported in Australia, My Alexa automatically switched to Australia and I lost the Vera connection. I changed back to the US, configured the connection again then kept it as is.
Once the integration was set up, I switched back to the Australian store and all works well. The australian app works and all my addresses, etc are australian.

Sorin, It seems like there shouldn’t be any changes to allow the Australian Alexa to work easily. It just needs to acknowledge the Australian store.