Auhomation and UI7 Home Modes

I know app development is dead — but I’m wondering if there is any way to use Authomation and the “Home Modes” in UI7? I just upgraded to UI7 and if possible, would like to set home modes via Authomation.

I still cannot find a better substitute for an Android remote control.

Install the House Modes plugin on your Vera and create scenes to set the modes you need. Then run those from AuthomationHD…

I know the feeling. I finally switched to ImperiHome as I needed the multi Vera support. But I do miss AuthomationHD. If garretwp makes it available on anothert platform that would be a reason for me to consider switching platforms.

I still use it though. I have widget shortcuts on my phone to toggle or set certain states without having to open imperihom or any actual app. It’s sadly all i used Authomation for these days though.

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