AtlUI Network Quality question?

My vera (UI5) and appears to be working ok (abiet slow)

When I go to Network Quality graph in AltUi I have 18 routes displayed from the Vara. 9 of them are red!

I’ve done a heal and report shows everything connected and healed.

So what is this graph result really telling me? How to best get this back to all green?


My oh My…nobody can expand on this issue? I would think people using AltUi would be more interested in what this nice graph is showing and the steps you have taken to get the Z-Wave routes running better.

In my case, the comm issues just seem to be getting worse, even after multiple heals.

Any particular reason not to have posted this on the ALTUI child board?

Sorry, but I could not find it in MCV when I tried to post. I did a search “AltUI” and the results did not get me to this board so I posted in General.