asterisk and Bluetooth support plus a few more

looks like a neat product that I am thinking of replacing my homevision with.

Any plans to add an asterisk server?

Does vera support USB Bluetooth dongles? Mainly for proximity support?

Lirc USB/uirt support?

Can you acess vera using dyndns (Eg without using the pay service).

Motion detection for cameras?

Our goal with Vera isn’t to do too many things (feature creep) and spread ourselves too thin. We want to nail energy management + home control and do those 2 things very well. Of course, Vera is an open system, and we’ll be giving developers access to a build server, so you can do anything you want with it and make your own firmware. But our official product won’t have a phone system, bluetooth, etc.

That said, we will be adding motion detection for cameras, since that’s part of the core feature set. And you can use dyndns without the paid service.

I can understand supporting the gc100 for ir/serial but they are pricey. The USB uirt is a much lower cost option but limited to one room I suppose.

What are the thoughts on the ir learning / transmission? Will there be a database (Eg like harmony or pronto)? Will consumers have to teach vera their remote commands?

the i/r database is actually our delay. We’re working to license an ir database so users don’t need to learn their own codes