Associations with Scene controllers.
I figured out why you dont get status light with scene controllers.
Yes you can activate a scene with a scene controller button.
But you should also be able to associate a button to a device. Just like you do with a Handheld remote.

I tried using a Cooper 5 button scene controller and have not figured out how to associate a device or group of devices to a single button other than a scene. In Homeseer you can associate a device to any of the buttons on the Cooper scene controller.

toggle the programmed button on the scene controller makes the associated or linked device go on and off like a virtual switch. The status light goes on and off.

Can this be done with associations?
If not I think it should .

This is what you’re interested in: but you should read also the below links:

Cj ,
Respectfully your answer I don’t see how that will work. I don’t want vera to treat scene buttons as events. All I want to do is transfer a particular scene to a button. The same way I would take the Proper handheld remote a program a button. This is the best way to achieve speed in activating the scene. Again it needs to be like a virtual switch. It should not have to wait for vera to process the scene.

Did you’ve tried Method#1 or maybe: did you’ve read all the above documentation ???