Associated dimmers not working in delayed scenes


I am having the following issue with PLEG 4.4

I have three dimmer levels associated following this instructions:,15301.0.html

It works fine when activating the dimmers manually, they follow each other. But I have a delayed scene that turns one of them to 100% immediately (and the others follow, but are not in the scene), then after two minutes another one goes to 80% and the rest follows, one minute later 60%, then 20% and finally 0%. The problem is that they all become 100% but they remain that way and never go down and turn off, they remain at 100%. The weird thing is that they work if activated manually. The scene is working because it also manages another dimmer that has nothing to do with pleg and it works fine.

Hope you can help.

Thank you.

Attached is the log.

The log file is not very useful … It references names that are nothing like the referenced thread. Also it is not a debug log.

If you want me to be able to help you effectively I need a debug log file and a Report or Status that shows the current configuration.