Assitance with Action to have lights turn off

Hope someone can help, I have been spending time reading and trying to test PLEG out before purchasing it.

I have a scene i want to occur which is between a certain time and motion is detected. Execute and Turn on lights for 10 seconds and have this reoccur anytime this happens with the scheduled time setup.

I have attached the status report along with a screenshot of where I added the delay but the light does not turn off after 10 seconds.

Hope someone can take a look and guide me through this.

I have viewed the youtube videos multiple times but the sample that i see are on an earlier release of PLEG.

Click the 10S delay button … then add the action to tiurn OFF the light.
Most folks post a PDF of the status report.
There are plenty of free PDF printers that allow you to print the contents of the Status report to a PDF file.

I did print off a PDF format but the attachment would not allow me to upload > 512kb.

I can try again with the status report if that is what you will need to look at first.

I was able to upload the status and logic report.

You still have NOT added an action to the delayed set of actions.

Richard that is my dilema.

What are the steps to add delay to turn off the lights?
A reviewed a Youtube video below at the 8:48 mark in the video I am unable to find that option. So what is the equivalent in the new UI?

Click on the delay
Then click ADD New Device … Specify Action … Specify arguments

@Richard - Merry Christmas Richard and I appreciate the time you took to assist me as this now works.
It seems the settings I had setup were not saving and I would have to go back in and review everything.

Is there a bug or workaround to when settings do not save?

I am not sure if the latest firmware upgrade with Vera has anything to do with this.

If things are not saving … do a MCV help desk request.

New Usr.
I see Pleg mentitled in this forum as the bees knees. Can you point me to the best write up for a description of Pleg and it’s uses?




I thought I had PLEG figured out but I have noticed when I save my work, some of the configuration is not saving correctly.

For example under ‘Actions’ for the ‘Conditions’ I saw the statement ‘undefined is True’ which you state “condition is true”
So I had to go back in and delete and re-add my ‘trigger’, ‘condition’ and ‘action’.

So now everything seems fine and the light turns on when motion is detected but it does not turn off after 10 seconds.

Please have a look at my status and logic report I have attached.

You put the OFF command on the “Immediate Action” as opposed to the delayed by 10 Seconds action.

But that is not the only problem … This is very poor logic … you light would turn on/off if you have continued motion.
You should really look at some of the PLEG examples that are out there for how to turn lights on/off … They do NOT used delayed actions … they use timers or the “NOW” keyword.

@RichardTSchaefer - thank you for the response but this was just a simple proof of concept in trying this out. I did plan on building off of it in a real situation.

You never addressed the comment I made about issue with the Action for the Condtion. When - Undefined is True

Please take a look at the attached screenshot of the Condition and Action for the ‘LightsOFF’ scenario.

So please respond to why it is not defined eventhough the screenshot attached of the condition is and also the Trigger is defined.

Also you mentioned about “immediate” for the Action for the LightsOFF.
That comes up all the time eventhough I select the “Delay Button” with an interval of 10 seconds.

Can you please elaborate on what steps to take to make it not come up in my status report.

That would be a great assistance as I am evaluating the app at this time.