ASR Help

I’ve got a HRT4-ZW and ASR on a heater in the kids room and Vera sees both the thermostat and heater, and all working well.
I woke up this morning and the poor kid was roasting as the heater was still on, even though the temperature was over the set point and the ASR was off (red light) - this isn’t the first time either. Manually pressing the ASR on and off again killed the power to the heater. I’ve checked the contacts and wiring and it’s all ok, maybe it’s just a temperamental ASR.

To get round it, i was thinking of a PLEG.

Inputs of Room temp, set point, ASR status.
If the room temper is greater than the set point, then turn ASR on, and then off 10s- 60s or so later.

Is this the best option and can PLEG deal with the ASR on then off after a delay?

thank you.

If got it to work, taking the current temperature and the Set point.

Condition of Current > (Set +3) : So it’s not always firing on a warm day.
Action of Heater on, then 30s later, off.

Best approach?

The ASR-ZW is intended to switch boiler controls and valves. The relay contacts are rated at 3 amps max. If you are directly switching your heater with them, they are probably getting welded when trying to break the current.

You should use an additional relay rated for the full heater current or replace the ASR-ZW with a Z-Wave switch that is suitable for the load.

Thank you. Good point, but it’s only a 500W little heater, so ok for the 3A switching.

500W is more like 4A

I’m in the UK - 240v

Post your status report … we can look over what you did and recommend any changes.

Doc attached, thank you for the help

The way this is currently setup … every time the Current Temperature changes and it’s more than 3 degrees from the Setpoint … it will fire the OffCycle action.
That’s because you have it as a Repeat.

You could limit this to a few times a day with something like:

    (CTemp > (CTarget + 3))  and (OffCycle; CTemp > 8:00:00)

At the end of the day, if the signal to switch isn’t being met with an actuation there is something not right. Banging away at it, whilst ameliorating your problem, may be like applying a band aid but without the expectation that things underneath are going to get better.

Have you reviewed all the basics of good performance like the quality of the zwave connection, the settings in the thermostat and the receiver, etc…

As Rex pointed out, perhaps there is some problem at the contacts (contamination) that is preventing its snappy return to an open state.

Good point Bulldog - i think i’ll replace it with another switch or fibaro. Hopefully the PLEG will be a sticking plaster until i get round to it though.

Thank you for the help all.