Aside from Aeotec Home Energy Meter GEN5, are there other alternatives to Home Energy monitoring?

Hi. Are there other vera compatible alternatives to Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen 5 in Home Energy monitoring? If none, are there other alternatives that work with a few tweaks via apps/luup codes that is working with Vera plus? Any experience from the community?

I’m still using this old plugin here with a CurrentCost Envir energy monitor, which brings the whole home energy usage Wattage / Kilowatts into Vera as a device.

There is Zipato too, but I have not tried it myself.
However there is an alternative. Instead of whole house reporting you can make all small plugs/outlets report and then summarize. Would not accurate of course but at least some level of visibility. I have recently found out my furnace when doing nothing eats 20W.

And you can use for graphs and analytics. I am with them, ask anything

What’s going on with hundredgraphs? I was a paid-up customer, then was ditched unceremoniously

Hi Jonatan,

HundredGraphs never ditches anybody. We value and love our customers.

What could happen, however, is that your credit card company refused to process your payment. It has happened before to our customers. Usually bank says something, but sometimes they just do it quietly, well you know, safety first.

Can you send us email with your account details at and we will dig it in.


Hundredgraphs used to provide a vera logging app that logged vera device metrics to a service accessible via your main website.

I paid a monthly charge for that, but you changed direction and ditched that service along with me.

It is still doing the same. Vera metrics never went away. We have added some extra, but the old functionality remains.

You could pick up a CurrentCost Envir energy monitor, not sure if they still sell them new, but ebay should have some.

And use the Vera plugin for it.

I have one and it still works today with my Vera Plus.