arming remotely for away and interior zone types 04/05

I’m confused how this might work …

So I can make some zones 04 (Interior) and they will be armed during away, but not stay
I can also make some zones 05 (interior, stay/away)

My understanding is that 05 is armed if and only if you arm and walk out the front door (i.e., trip a delayed exit zone.)

Would the 05 zones not be active if you arm remotely, and hence don’t trip a delay zone?

Ok, I now understand my confusion.

First, I thought 04 automatically puts that zone into AWAY. No. It only makes that zone not immediately alarm if a delay zone is hit first. Has nothing to do with STAY or AWAY. STAY does not auto bypass 04.

Second, the manual is confusing – finally think I got it from the reference manual.

For 05, if you hit Stay, the system is in Stay and the 05 zones are bypassed. For 05 if you hit Away, the system is in Away and the 05 zones are active.

The reference manual also talks about “if you set the alarm with an alarm code…” THEN it attempts to determine itself whether it is in AWAY or STAY based on a delay zone being tripped. This was the source of my confusion. I thought that also applied to hitting the STAY or AWAY buttons.

Am I correct?

Seems obvious in hindsight…

You might want to look over at for help as they are dedicated to help with alarm questions.

  • Garrett

Your analysis about stay / away is correct.