Armed triggers

Richard I think I remember something in the past that there was an issue with using the option armed trigger when creating an input that caused it to not work. I would like to use this feature so that I can unarm my motion sensors temporarily so that conditions don’t fire. Had this been resolved?

There is not problem with Motion Sensor triggers … never was … It’s complicated … but if one want to know …

There is a problem with Triggers that have more than one selectable options in the same trigger definition.
Motion sensors have 2 Triggers definitions:

  1. Armed and (Tripped or Not Tripped)
  2. (Tripped or Not Tripped)

PLEG is the only device that has created triggers that show the problems … because UI4 and UI5 had bugs I guess others gave up … the API showed it was supported … I provided MCV with patches.
In the UI7 code … I see comments where they at least acknowledge that they need to finish the code to handle multiple options.
In PLEG I have:

  1. (Armed or Disarmed) and (Condition XXX satisfied)
  2. (Condition XXX satisfied)

In MCV API each of the parenthesis pairs above is a trigger definition option. PLEG #1 above has the problems.