Are you ure?

Hello, new to Vera since one month. Biggest frustration on the UI7 interface (on iOs) is that I accidentally opened my garage door twice, without really knowing. I wasn’t home and the old alarm went off for ages!! My wife is very unsatisfied with my new z-wave business. Is there a way to get these buttons act after ‘are you sure’?

When you use imperihome , you can protect every action with a confirmation , or a code.


Agreed with the above.

I never use the Vera interface other than setup.

I have a tablet and 3 phones with Imperihome.

I use “are you sure” confirmation for a few things including putting out heating into comfort mode and the alarm into night mode.

I have the full home modes behind a pin though so an intruder can’t use the interface set the system to home and disable my alarm.

They’d have to find my vera’s ip address, and know it was a Vera for that matter before they’d be able to disable… By which time the alarm has gone off

I use VeraMate, which gives you the Open and Close option after you select the garage door, and for added protection you can add a pin.