Are there plans for integration with Amazon Echo?

I know people have done it through loopholes and programming, but will there be native support for it? I only ask as it seems like all the major competitors to Vera already have (Smartthings, Wink).

Amazon Echo is a very popular product. However, I’m not sure anyone can answer your question with certainty. Think of it this way, how many plugins are native to MCV in relation to those created by generous individuals who’ve donated their time and efforts. Either way, all of us would be grateful for a development road map.

Lack of “native” integration with other devices/systems is my biggest complaint with Vera. It goes well beyond Echo. Vera is not a “partner” with Hue, LIFX, IFTTT, Echo, Honeywell, Harmony, Wemo, the list goes on.

Agreed, there is a serious hole in the company’s BD/partnership group. This is where smart things is making much more progress than vera. It’s frustrating to watch