Arduino UNO <-> VeraLite : No reply of the serial gateway


The Arduino UNO is connected as a serial gateway to a VeraLite UI7 using the MySensors plugin 1.5.

The serial connection is fine
The sketch “serialgateway.ino” of the development library (2.0.1 beta) is loaded in the Arduino UNO as it is except that the lines regarding radio have been commented.

The serial gateway does not respond to the controller , as per the log enclosed.

Any advice to identify the problem ?

50	10/09/16 6:23:12.425	luup_log:27: Arduino plugin: loading library L_Arduino ... <0x2c49b680>
50	10/09/16 6:23:12.475	luup_log:27: Arduino plugin: library L_Arduino loaded <0x2c49b680>
50	10/09/16 6:23:12.476	luup_log:27: Arduino: urn:upnp-arduino-cc:serviceId:arduino1,PluginVersion, 1.5, 27 <0x2c49b680>
50	10/09/16 6:23:12.477	luup_log:27: Arduino: urn:upnp-arduino-cc:serviceId:arduino1,GWAddress, -, 27 <0x2c49b680>
50	10/09/16 6:23:12.478	luup_log:27: Arduino: Trying for a serial connection <0x2c49b680>
50	10/09/16 6:23:12.479	luup_log:27: Arduino: Serial port is connected <0x2c49b680>
50	10/09/16 6:23:12.480	luup_log:27: Arduino: Baud is 115200 <0x2c49b680>
50	10/09/16 6:23:12.480	luup_log:27: Arduino: urn:upnp-arduino-cc:serviceId:arduino1,GWAddress, 31(115200), 27 <0x2c49b680>
50	10/09/16 6:23:12.483	luup_log:27: Arduino: Sending: 0;0;3;0;2;Get Version <0x2c49b680>
01	10/09/16 6:22:54.325	eLuImplementation::StartLua 27 I_Arduino1.xml failed to open port <0x2b75d680>

Where did you get the plugin? What version is it? For UI7 you need the one from the UI7 branch on GitHub.

What does the Vera log tell you?

Hi @akboer ,

The plugin was dowloaded from the UI7 Git repo … GitHub - mysensors/Vera at UI7

The log is attached in the post #1 , the error is " eLuImplementation::StartLua 27 I_Arduino1.xml failed to open port <0x2b75d680> "

The plugin obviously thinks the connection is via IP rather than serial, so presumably isn’t recognising the connection.

It looks like the plugin loaded correctly, connected to the serial port and then tried to retrieve the version by making a luup request on port 3481… Have you blocked access to luup requests or secured your vera?