Arduino that shows Veras current mode with LED.


I?m currently working on an Arduino project that communicates over Ethernet to Vera, I managed to make this work as a client and a webserver at the same time.

The only thing I have problems with are many quick connections to Vera, it seems like the controller becomes slower and slower after some few hours with this load.

Is there any limit to how often and how fast devices can request and update information to Vera? ???

I have a Vera Lite for the moment and my device id is above 100+, could it be my controller that?s too weak? :-[

Currently my Arduino supports:
Register temperature to Vera
Register Light (as %) to Vera
Register Humidity to Vera
Connect to Vera and get current mode form Vera.
Vera can connect to the Arduino with different urls to set Diods on the Arduino
Register motion with a PIR sensor on Arduino and update Mode from Vera.

All code and my configuration will be posted when the beta tests are done. :slight_smile:

I made a YouTube clip to show how it works for the moment
[url=]Projekt – Arduino – Hämta Verans Mode (beta) | Tips för ett smartare hem

My Arduino “mode sensor” with motiondetection is now done. :smiley:

Vera is able to send commands to the Arduino over ethernet from scenes and the Arduino is able to scrape the current mode from Vera if motion is detected.

Youtube demo.
[url=]ModeSensor till Vera - YouTube

This project will be rewritten to use MySensors communication later.

// Ispep

Saw your video and project webpage. Too bad (for me) it is in Swedish. I hope you will post about it on because that is where these kind of projects are more appreciated then overhere I guess. This MCV-community is great but more for ‘out of the box’ solutions and Lua-coders who have made our Vera’s really come to life.
About your question being the VeraLite too weak for 100+ devices: Yes and no. ;D
It is not the number but more the quantity of memory that is needed, and the Lite lacks. But honestly, 100+ devices? Geez, you must live in a palace then :o