Arduino Nano with CH340G chip

Any updates on the years old posts regarding the inability to get a Nano with the CH340G chip to work as a serial gateway? I hadn’t seen those posts and just received one and cannot get the serial port to be recognized by my VeraPlus. I’ve used a borrowed FTDI successfully.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hello rjspindler,

Please have a look at the details on the plugin configuration:


@Maegda the issue rjspindler is experiencing is that the Vera Device does not have any USB driver for the USB chip CH340G.

So if Vera does not add an USB driver there is no way he will get it to work.

@rjspindler your best option is to buy a Nano with genuine FTDI chip or build a Ethernet/Wifi gateway. My recommendation is to build an Ethernet or Wifi Gateway.

Hello korttoma

Thank you for clearing this.

I added a request for the USB adapters that are using CH340G chip to be supported.


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