Approval Time

New to plugin development and submitted my first release for approval last week. Approximately how long does it take for the review process? Thanks!

No one has any recent experience with this? Going on 3 weeks now, still pending review. Just wondering what a normal period of time is.

I have the same problem on a new plugin.


again, my plugins are blocked in “Pending approval” since several weeks.

It frightens me, as an advantage of the Vera is its plugins. It seems that Marketplace is a little abandoned.

As a developper, it’s much more easier to me to put my sources on Github and use openLuup to install my plugins.
Be careful MCV, you could lost the ability to control what plugins are proposed to your customers.
Please, put some efforts on your Marketplace.

@Marc Shenker can you help us understand why the delay in getting plugin’s approved?

[quote=“Marc Shenker”][/quote]

You might want to email Marc also. I wouldn’t count on Vera monitoring these forums very closely although Marc is doing a better job than it has been in the past.

I don’t know his email but it is floating around the forums as he’s asked others to email him.

Seems things have slowed, stopped, or have gotten very quiet here in the last 4 to 5 months on Vera’s side. People speculating over the 25% stake bought out and who knows but it has changed since around the time PLUS was released in terms of seeing this progress from slow before to none currently. This post is just another look at that from a different angle.