App speeds

I’ve used various apps over the last few years with vera and generally they all seem to switch vera very quickly. Recently I’ve been using a mix of imperihome, authomation and home buddy (works for me the best on 3G) but have a question about response speed.

I recently installed an app on vera to run with my netatmo and restarted vera a few times. Now I’ve noticed that using andriod device all apps have a delay of maybe 2-3 second from pressing the button on my device to vera switching the item. However the apps on my ipad a still instant.

I’ve noticed that before but why is that ?

Normally restarting vera solves the delay issues but currently she’s not having it. Must be getting time for vera four at some point ?

Is the iPad connected via WiFi and possibly on the same LAN as Vera, or is it going through the same 3G connection as the phone? I frequently see delays of 1 -3 seconds over various cellphone networks.

As z-waver mentioned, make sure that the android apps are using the local network when local. As there will be a few second delay when using the remove servers.

  • Garrett

It’s on the wifi for sure. I’d seen this in the past and a reboot sorted it out but this time no effect. I might take off the netatmo app I installed (although when that was first running it made no difference) and then reboot to see if that solves. If it does I’ll try that app again to see what that brings up.

Seems to of been fixed by uninstalling the netatmo app (I’m not saying that was the cause and will be putting it back on later) doing a heal and then reinstalling the apps connections. Everything back to its normal speedy self. Just one of those things I guess.

I sincerely hope not the Netatmo app, so I’m interested to hear any reoccurrence of this, with or without it installed. Hard to see why this should have any effect, it only polls the web server every ten minutes by default.