app list

hello !
where can I find an app list to install in vera3 ?

someone have a list of apps more important to have installed ?


If you are running UI5, you can find the list of available apps either in the “Apps” tab of the Vera web interface or at the following link:

  • Garrett

accurate as always !! thanks !

Explorer as Garret identified it is has a very useful suite if information about the apps.

Example from a recent previous post I had placed on another thread. has some very good information and usefullness; however, it is not well known or documented.

For example forcing an update or reveiwing plugin changes over time.

Goto login and then select your unit if presented with muliple units.
From the My Account select View Plugin Details
Identify the plugin you wish to update and open it by either clicking in the Plugin Name or View located on the right side.
Click on Plugin Files located on the top right of the screen to display the file and previous versions of it.

To force a plugin update or to rollback to a previous version.
Click on Versions located on the top right of the screen to display the version history sceen.
Under Actions click on Install for the version you wish to install.


Not sure which plugins you have installed already. But I find that the google weather plugin to be a must have. The virtual switch plugin is also a good plugin to have if you need to create any sort of virtual switch for scene creation. Futzle also has create a great plugin called the “Combination virtual switch” which is suppose to help aid in more complex scene control:,10995.msg77714.html#msg77714

  • Garrett

I don’t have apps yet…I’m only searching information to do a right step in my vera3.

I will install google weather as recommended to understand the apps concept…
thanks a lot