App for use with Global Cache Itach Flex ip/Wifi


Once sqblaster and sqremote app is out of the business, I need migrate all of my IR control to global cache…

but sqremote app had a big convenience, a dedicated app to set devices and create macros to turn on/off a device sequence…

what app now is recommended to use with global cache products to have the same result of sqremote app had with sqblaster IR controller ?

thanks for helps

You don’t state what platform you’re on which will have a significant impact on which apps are available to you.

As someone who made the exact switch you are referring to, I highly recommend In fact, even if you don’t already have an iOS device to run it on, I would say spending the $200 on the iPad Mini 1 and installing Roomie Remote would still be the way to go.

I have the Roomie Remote branded iTach - and can confirm it works flawlessly with the iTach Wifi plugin available for UI7 - allowing you to build complete scenes that perform AV and Vera actions, such as starting a movie AND turning down the lights, locking the doors, etc.

Of course, since it integrates natively with Vera you get access to all of your devices and can control them via scenes and ‘remotes’ that you can customize yourself. Search for the user ‘slief’ and check out some of his posts to see what he’s done with Roomie Remote…it’s pretty impressive.

I use iRule on Android and iOS. Its still a little buggy, and the builder (the website you use to create your interface) can be a little cumbersome to use. Vera integration is very basic, but its not bad. I have migrated a few months ago from sq blaster and sq remote to Global Cache iTach and iRule. As you would expect, not everything is better but at least they still actively develop the app, and there is a customer support which is very helpful.

Thanks folks !!!

I will give a chance to roomieremote, because all my devices are iOS and Irule is expensive and limited for somethings…

The site listed in the itach global wifi vera app seems to be dead ( Do anyone have a guide on how to use the itach global wifi vera app?

could you help me how is the way to integrate itach flex with vera controller?

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