App and equipment question for temp control through duct fans.

I am in the process of installing duct fans in my home HVAC setup and was wondering if there was a recommended app add on from the Vera Apps Portal for controlling them. Currently they will be controlled by Schlage RP200RNX Dimmer modules.

I would like to be able to set a certain temperature and have them turn on when it either drops below a certain temperature (usually do not have to worry about being too hot although it would be nice to switch it for summer to do the reverse).

I will be purchasing temperature sensors soon, but does anybody have any recommended temperature sensors that can plug directly into a standard 120 volt outlet? I would prefer not to wire them up and really don’t want to deal with batteries.


You can use PLEG to control the Dampers.


Where we used PLEG to control the opening/closing of Window’s to vent heat in the Summer time.
We can do this with just a temp sensor … But than the Setpoint for on/off has to be managed somewhere.

A Thermostat provides a user friendly interaction to control the setpoint and view/measure the temperature.