api.showCustomPopup() dialog does not have same element ID as Vera UI7


I’m not sure if this is something that changed for 2.52 or happened at some point earlier, but the dialog presented by api.showCustomPopup() does not have the same element ID as the Vera UI7 dialog, so code that relies on that ID (e.g. to clear the dialog) does not work.

Since this is specifically an implementation of a Vera UI7 API call in ALTUI, can this be fixed?

Edit: a few more follow-on notes to this:

  • Sometime between UI7 4955 and 5245 they added api.hideMessagePopup(), which obviates the need to know the ID of the dialog to clear it. Unfortunately, I, at least, have to support both the older firmware and the newer. But, adding this function to ALTUI would allow me to do it the “right” way at least on ALTUI, so I think a good addition if you’re amenable.
  • The semantics of the dialogs are different from Vera’s. For example, category 3 on ALTUI has an “OkSuccess” title (oddly formatted) and close controls, where this category dialog is strictly modal with no close on UI7. That means on ALTUI, a user could close a modal dialog when the process behind it really needs the UI to remain disabled until the reason for the modal is resolved, which could lead to data corruption or loss.

Category 3 dialog on Vera with auto-hide false and message “Waiting for system ready”:


Same configuration dialog on ALTUI: