API for Vera products

Is there an API for the Vera line of products, and where can I find the documentation?
Also, are API calls sent to the Vera controller itself, or through a Vera website (relay)?

Here’s a good resource.

It’s a different badged product to Vera , but it’s basically the same underlying (old MIOS ) platform …

Sorry wrong link, the one below is better … (just keep in mind where you see environexus and Nero used , think Vera)

Many thanks, but I am surprised there is nothing official and specific to Vera, even though the product line is quite outdated.
I see references all over the net to micasaverde & mios Wiki’s but the sites are down. Do you know if they were “moved” to ezlo.com?

This question has been asked before and the response was to go here:
The wiki is there but the search doesn’t really work.
This link into the archive works. It may help.
Category:Development - MiCasaVerde

I have a feeling Vera (Micasaverde before Vera Home Control, and then ezlo) were one of the first, so their wiki is a little out dated, hence when I found the Nero content, it seemed a much more modern and relevant to the latest (last) version.

Their wiki is still good, but it really depends what you want to do, the normal forum content is likely more your friend, plus there are a few old-timers who cling onto their Veras who can always help…