API documentation - Pre-Alpha - For Ezlo controllers

What is the general device model outside of ZWave? If I’m writing a plugin that needs to track the state of binary switches and control them, for example, how do I get a list of all binary switches in the system, of whatever source? How do I control them without having to know that they are ZWave vs RS485 vs TCP vs HTTP vs Tuya cloud vs…some protocol I cannot possibly anticipate? How does a plugin insert itself into this model so that its custom binary switch devices become part of that fabric? How do we create a virtual binary switch that is tied to no physical device at all?

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I looked, but the current documentation is not enough for me to start and I do not have time for hours of trial and error. Could be my skill level.

The local access described in the API is not yet working for me. Some key information seems missing, so I am waiting on the promised python examples to see what that is. The API tool is nice but how would you use that in code?

Thanks for the hub.items.list update.

Cheers Rene

It is very simple.
You need to use core.get_items from Lua API.
You will receive all items available in the system and just need to choose item you need with basic or switch in item name.

Core module is responsible for it and allows to add universal devices and items to hub model and plugin is responsible about behaviour of each item which was added

Core doesn’t know about protocols. It is providing external API for “universal” devices.
Plugin is descibing the bihaviour of each item.
Plugin is deciding how to control phisycal device included to the hub or make network request.

As written this is a bit concerning… when you refer to “item name” here, I hope that means you are not referring to a device name field over which the user has control and may change to something unusable in this context. Right? This “name” is not the name a user assigns to the device, it’s a system name (as in type), assigned, immutable, right?


Its a name which assigned by a plugin.
We have a list of names supported by system.
The list of these names provided in documention.

When is the REST HTTP API Planed for Ezlo controllers? It would be easier to Beta Test when we will be able to interconnect it with existing Vera setup with simple GET commands and do a test to a production setups.

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We are working on HTTP client API implementation and planning to have it available in few sprints.


Hi Loana nice too meet you. How can I access from Internet. There are some endpoint or authentication process to get device data from my own cloud development? like a rest api in other brands? Thanks Marcelo

Hi @itokii.iot we have updated our API documents with new websites so please check the docs and let us know if you can achieve what you request.