API call turns on/off multiple switches


I’m confronted with a challenge.

Vera Lite (DeviceNum 3 and 36)
2x Everspring switch

URL 1 switches DeviceNum 36 off:


URL 2 switches DeviceNum 3 and 36 on:


So far, so good. Nothing weird. But…

URL 3 switches DeviceNum 3 and 36 off:


URL 4 switches DeviceNum 3 and 36 on:


Story is even getting better; when I click the actual buttons in the same manner as described for the API’s, same behaviour. I find this a bit weird…

Am I missing something here?

Have you setup a Z-Wave association between the two devices?

Do you have any scenes that are triggered by either of the devices that sends actions to the other?

Do you have any PLEG logic or other plugin that connects the two devices?

You are completely right. I have a scene where the one switch triggers the other. Since I only use that trigger when a want to manually override the automated behaviour, I totally forgot that one. Its of course not me pushing the button that triggers the other switch, but the fact it changes state.

Thanks for pointing me in the obvious direction!