Aoen Dimming, but want on / off


Wasnt sure if this belonged in the programming section or not.

Basically, i want to run an event of flashing lights should my smoke alarm be activated. i used the “christmas tree light” code that has been referenced before. It works, but what Im finding it that my Aoen micro dimmers are dimming the lights on and off rather than a abrupt on and off. is this a luup code issue, a setting in the vera, or is there simply no way to make the micro dimmers turn on and off as a square frequency.

This is know as ramp rate. Likely there is a setting on the parameters of the dimmer. There is an engineering spec for the Aeon dimmer in the following message. Interestingly it looks like it can be programmed to flash 14 times (see parameter 2).,22507.msg176099.html#msg176099