Anywhere to buy remaining Vera Plus units?

I’d really like to buy another Vera Plus. Is there any remaining stock anywhere?

VeraPlus Controller for Smarthome | Vera Controller for Smart Devices - Vera by Ezlo loads a placeholder page that says only “Marketing product page”, otherwise empty.

Vera Control VeraPlus-US Smart Home Controller Hub, Black – Ezlo Shop acts like it will sell me a Vera Plus (it says “In stock”), but the checkout flow is full of dark patterns like what looks like a radio button for a genuine choice between “Ezlo SMART enabled” or not, turns into a whiny “you don’t like puppies, do you” sort of a screen telling me I’m making the wrong choice but if I REALLY “don’t want this device to be smart”, it then links me to Amazon which says they don’t have stock and don’t know if they ever will. Meanwhile, if I allow it to add the “Ezlo SMART enabled” and try to check out, it says “Let’s quickly ship your Ezlo Smart Device before we get to the rest of your order” and tries to set up an order for that alone. At this point I feel like it’s probably a trick, and after buying a PlugHub and subscription I don’t want, it’s just going to send me to Amazon for the out of stock notification anyway.

I’m not here to ask about 3rd party sources (which don’t seem to exist anyway); just to say that Ezlo’s first-party stores seem pretty confused on this issue.

Yes, I just had to try, and is selling a total bait and switch.

The end of the checkout flow on looks like pretends to sell vera plus... - Album on Imgur (link to “Complete your order on Amazon in order to get the fastest shipping option available”).

The link to Amazon looks like does not sell this and pretends Amazon will.... - Album on Imgur (“Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock”).

I have EU version Vera Plus for sale

I’m moving on from Vera and Ezlo and have a Vera Plus and Ezlo Plus for sale. Both US versions

I bought a Vera Plus as a back up on eBay about 3 months ago. The owner had never opened the box so still wrapped in plastic. Opened it and tested it, works fine.

Have to add that when I moved from a Vera to a Vera Plus in 2020, Ezlo support was great in helping me get it done. They signed on and just did it. One day I will probably switch over to an newer Ezlo product, well, if they make a way to move a zwave network from one machine to another easily…

Take the plunge and move to Ezlo Plus. Still has a few warts but at least it is actively being developed with frequent code updates. The is a great way to manage the controller and build meshbots (formerly known as scenes).

I don’t see too many functionality gaps over Vera. The more powerful meshbot creation eliminates a lot of LUA code I used to have in Vera.

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