Anyone with experience using Zooz ZEN30 double switch?

Just installed a new Ezlo Plus and as part of the install, put in a Zen30 dual switch - dimmer control plus a seperate relay for on/off control of a second device. Was able to add the Zen30 using the generic z-wave device option. Ezlo created a parent device for the dimmer and a child device for the relay. Both devices function manually, respond to commands using the Vera App and respond appropriately in scenes but the child device does not update the status of the device - it always shows as off. Wondering if this is normal behavior with this device or if I should work to resolve. I believe this device is on the list for full integration which would also be great as it is the only dual device z wave switch I could find on the market. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @ram

We’ll investigate the issue and the compatibility of the device, some information might need to be gathered through a PM.

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