Anyone using hudl tablet as wall controller ?

Is anyone in UK using the new hudl tabket from tesco ? Given its price and spec I thought this might make a great unit for a walk mounted tablet. Was interested to see if anyone is using one?

I did use Hudl’s for a couple of months. I have replaced them with Samsung Galaxy 3 Tablets. The Tesco looked liked the perfect tablet on paper, but it hung all the time and needed a reboot. So in the end I could not stand it any more, and for a little more money I bought used (refurbished) Samsungs, which work fine (mostly). I use my tablets to display my security cameras, and now I also use them for voice recognition / voice control of my Vera and SQ blaster (which is still a bit experimental/temperamental). I think if it was not for them hanging all the time I would have kept them, but the Samsung are not just more reliable they also look a lot better. I would not go back. That is just my personal opinion / experience, others might disagree.