Anyone using an Intermatic CA3750 or something similar?

I want to integrate an intermatic CA3750 as a contact closure for my sprinkler pump and then create a scene to turn the pump on & off, cycling through my sprinkler zones.

I am concerned about the range of the unit with my Vera lite and I want to know if anyone is successfully using one of these outside their house and able to properly control with z wave… Even with a repeater or two…

Right now my Vera is having a hard time controlling my outside appliance module and its much much closer than the sprinkler box would be. I think the issue is the house is concrete/cinderblock and the Vera can’t communicate well through it. The inside devices work well so far but even the temp sensor in my garage fridge drops out at times.

Anyone using one outside with good results?

I am using the CA3750 for my pool pump, but I have an external antenna installed on my Vera Lite.

See this thread…,11276.120.html

Well worth the $10.

That was EXACTLY what I was looking for. A big thanks to you for pointing me in the right direction. Already ordered it up!

I am using a ca3750 for my pool. I also had the range issue due to concrete. Wall. Just had to install zwave outlet inside the house on the other side of the wall. It works five.

Just ordered my CA3750 for my sprinklers. Hoping it’s an easy install. I haven’t received my antenna from China yet :slight_smile: but hoping the added range will reach the controller through the concrete wall…

I finally got around to installing everything yesterday. I had to install a much larger antenna in the vera for it
to even see the ca3750. I performed a full heal last night and this morning I have two stars next to the ca3750. I tested it today and it turned right on but it took 3 attempts to turn it off. Not good if I want to run a scene and not monitor it.

So should I look for a repeater or a zwave outlet now? I don’t have any other outlets outside near this pump but I do have one on the inside side of the wall where this pump is. Hopefully that will be enough.

Probably a stupid question but what would happen if the valve was open, the sprinklers were running and then the internet went out but the power stayed on? Wouldn’t the sprinklers run forever?

Well it’s been awhile now, so you might not still be looking for the answer but I’ll post it anyways.

Vera doesn’t need internet to work or run scenes, timers, turn things off or on . It uses Z-wave to communicate from it’s self to the devices or device to device. You don’t even have to have internet to work Vera from home. Internet is only use for you to connect to it when your away. So internet down you cant check or change it from away but any timer or device will continue to function locally.

If powers out then it’s depends on how the device is setup. Vera will be down but all electrical loads will also be off (unless you blow a breaker that controls Vera and the rest are up). If its water valve then that depends if the valve defaults to closed or not when it doesn’t have power anymore (which they normally do).