Anyone tried a heal recently?

When I heal and say “wait 60 mins for battery devices” it doesn’t seem to work. I see the heal checking all the nodes, after about 15 minutes the heal “completes”

I have neighbours that are incomplete (two devices within 2ft are not seen as neighbours)

And the routes don’t seem to be configured properly as communication is still unreliable despite having plenty of connectivity

Anyone else seen this?

I have noticed that I haven’t been getting a report for some reason after running a heal network.

Can anyone from MCV comment?

Is it correct for me to assume you mean “repair network” when you say “heal network”?

After I performed a “Repair my network” I have a device that has two neighbors that don’t exist. I was wondering why this wall switch was intermittent and now I know - its only real neighbor is Vera, and she’s at the far end of the house. There are other devices which have far fewer neighbors than another device that’s within a foot or two. Seems strange. My sensors take several hours to several days to reconfigure after the repair. And my battery operated switch (9500) won’t reconfigure at all.

I cannot select “View repair reports” as there is nothing in the popup.

How can I clean up Vera’s list of devices? I’d like to remove the ones that have been removed from my network and no longer exist.

Correct, “Repair Network”

It just doesn’t seem to work correctly. Currently my X-10 network is more reliable…I never thought I would say that

I DEFINATELY have enough connectivity and enough devices that I should get to every switch with ease.

I think we need MCV to look at this

though I’ve rarely done it my “repair network” use seems to do a comprehensive job of mapping neighbors but like others state I have no reports available, I dont even know if Vera reported the job complete since I wasn’t watching it and there wasn’t any message there when I returned to look, re: the battery operated devices, it’s a pain but I set them to thier minimum wakeup interval and wait for the green before i run repair while using the hour interval, maybe I’ve just been lucky, last night a simple timer that has worked for weeks failed to turn off, weird science my brothers, early adopters pay a price I guess