Anyone successfully associated two full function dimmers?


I’ve been trying to associate two Linear WD500Z-1’s for some time with no success. Yesterday it was kindly pointed out that the Linear’s don’t actually provide this function.

So I’m looking to purchase either:

 2 x  Leviton VR106-1LZ


 2 x Cooper / Eaton  RF9540-NDW

Before I purchase two more dimmers it would be helpful to know if has anyone successfully associated either of these devices using a VeraPlus? Or some from the same series?



I use Coopers with the VeraEdge and they associate just fine, in fact they rely on association for their aux switches, so would be a pretty big issue if they didn’t work.

Thanks shallowearth.

Needed to be sure before I replaced the WD500Z-1’s

I’m hoping the Leviton’s will work as well as I already have one. But if not I will go with the Coopers.