Anyone having issues with UI6 beta?

I think i’m getting pretty close to being able to release. Anyone having issues with the current beta?

With UI6 itself or with Grasshopper and UI6?

I’ve finally got my UI6 system up and running after upgrading from Vera 2/UI5 after many days and countless hours on Vera support calls. Grasshopper seems to be working great with it except for remote access.

Try the latest release (v1.11.0.0). They made a change to a service that was breaking the authentication calls in the app. Let me know if you still have issues.

ok, just updated.

I logged in remotely, and it grabbed by serial number and the unit name but there is a white dot next to the name and when i go to the main screen I get a notification that says “Unit has not been configured yet”

Thanks for you help and keep up the awesome work!

There is a strange bug that causes the error you get because some of the settings data stored on the phone gets out of sync. Typically this goes away if you just Create again or use the Reset All which clears all the settings.