Anyone having issues with Responsive Voice?

Have not been able to get TTS via RV and Sonos to work for last couple days. Anyone else seeing this?


Reboot of vera fixed it.

Actually lost Responsive Voice as an option…
Used a backup from previous day and it came back. But…
Response time of my TTS lua code is slower then normal … When garage door opens my Elk sensor sends a lua code via Vera TTS “Door Open Garage Door Open”.
Recently it is 45" delay. Usually almost immediately.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My RV is with in 1 sec audio of triggered vera action. Perhaps the issue might be environmental to your setup

Mine was also @1 second. But recently there has been a delay. I rebooted my Elk alarm system, Verizon router and various switches in addition to my Vera Edgw.