Anyone have an "Away" Security Lighting Script?

I’m heading out of town tomorrow and forgot about this earlier. In other HA apps, this was easy to do in the native UI… but as you know, Vera’s scene UI is as useless as nipples on a stone.

If you have not heard or seen what I’m asking for, it is basically this…

A script that I can set a list of lights to turn on and/or off, each at a specific time - plus or minus a random number of minutes. This allows a person to “program” in their normal patterns and the random +/- minutes offset accounts for normal human-like randomness.

thx for the help!

Have a look at countdown timer and this post for the LuaUPnP code.,9425.msg76877.html#msg76877

You set you a screen to run the lump code, this updates the countdown timer to number of seconds it will countdown from (you provide the spread in the code [min/max])
You then have another scene what the countdown timer.

Also See The “Lived-in” look; lighting timer randomness available? I have not tried this and was developed for a previous version.,2826.msg11175.html#msg11175
Also see,5609.msg32457.html#msg32457