Anyone going to make a plugin for tap2pass ?

Hi! I just added a tap2pass to my garage. I use it with a flash2pass (RF waves) on my motorcycle to open and close the garage door, but I can also use my iPhone with their tap2pass app. tap2pass works thru phone’s Bluetooth, but it would be fairly easy to make a plugin to use the Mac Bluetooth to send the signal to close the door in a scene (i.e. if I forget to close it, it closes it at 11 each night).
I rely on you guys, the wizz of programming to make my life better ;D
Pretty pleeeeeease?

You’ll find it hard to find anyone just willing to make a plugin for your use. Most plugins that are developed are created because the developer needed it for their use. There are three ways to get a plugin made, you pay someone to make it, another person with programming experience has the same devices as you and wants to make the plugin, or you start learning how to make one. :slight_smile:

  • Garrett