Anyone going to CEDIA?

If so gimme a shout!

Come by and visit me at the Z-Wave Alliance Booth. I’ll be the only one with the Window Shades. Be sure to introduce yourself via screen name :slight_smile: I don’t get to leave the booth much, so if you come by be prepared to tell me about any cool finds you happen upon.

I wanted to go and could have gotten a ticket through work, but alas its a bit far for me to go and with a new Baby, my wife would kill me :slight_smile:

You can get the tickets for free through the 16th of this month by using coupon code 2010freetrade

Shady - Definitely will stop by.

did you guys see any amazing vera action to report?

This post describes maybe the most amazing thing MCV was showing at CEDIA:

Energy Management from
which used the Aeon Labs clamp meter. was showing the SQ Blaster and SQ Remote (awesome) were showing their minimote, but in Key FOB form (very cool) was showing a Z-Wave enabled alarm system was showing an RTS to Z-Wave bridge to control RTS Shade Motors via Z-Wave
and we were showing our complete Z-Wave enabled shading systems using Somfy and ESI motors…

Shady - If you could just find me some who did plantation shutters with a motor in them that I can control via Zwave!!!

Typically the motorized ones have the motors built into the frame. Are you willing to buy all new shutters, as that might be what it takes. I do know of a couple people doing that and we have an older sample in house. I’ll see if I can get some contacts for you.