Anybody has experience with SAMSUNG SmartThings Remote Button?

I am looking for a simple and small remote that can sit by a night stand lamp to switch it on and off. The SAMSUNG SmartThings Remote Button seems like a perfect fit, but I cannot find anybody actually using it with Vera.

It is a zigbee scene controller i doubt if Vera’s zigbee cluster will work with it.

If you want a cheap alternative you could use a shelly button 1

You can use the vitual http device plugin to integrate it to Vera. It is battery operated and rechargable and can work of usb power.

I think 2.0 is also in themios app store.

The Eaton/Cooper Battery powered switch is by far the best solution for sure: look for a RF9575
It is a battery powered z-wave switch. You associate it (by direct association) to the z-wave switch or plug-in module the lamp is plugged into. Or if you are using a Z-wave bulb in the lamp you can associate it to that.

Batteries last a good long time, works flawlessly even if your controller is down. Can also dim up and down if the switch/bulb it is associated to is dimmer capable.

I’ve used Aeotec Minimotes for years with Vera.

Although less since Google and Amazon “invented” voice assistants.

Not sure if they still sell them, they have a NanoMote