Any Z-Wave Enabled Intercom for Doors?

We are using this for a small business and would like a intercom to work with our Kwikset Z-wave enabled deadbolt on our 2 exterior doors (so if UPS man shows up, etc.) and then we can unlock for them. I found other wireless devices by Chamberlain, but I’m purchasing the Vera 3 and would prefer a device that links in with my Z-Wave system for my business.

Also, is there any issues with this being used inside a steel building?



I’m not aware of anything (but haven’t specifically looked). Assuming you’re looking for ‘buttons to push, to lock/unlock the doors’, perhaps consider a zone/scene controller (Leviton VRCZ4-M0), or Evolve LCD-1 which is available as a table-top model.

(Compatibility with Evolve LCD-1 is still under investigation. Especially custom labels, for which there currently is no support. I know of one user here on the forum who has been playing with these.)

Yea, I looked at Chamberlain’s Wireless Intercom and seems like a good deal and will work. Just not Z-Wave compatible. But with my Z-Wave lock I can unlock the door after communicating on the Chamberlain’s Wireless Intercom system. Was just wondering if they had a Z-Wave Intercom/Doorbell but since they don’t I’ll proceed as planned.

Just figured I’d check, thanks!

Well, I just finished my project.

Works perfectly well, very advanced door intercom (SIP) with LCD screen, video, etc + RFID + Fibaro Universal sensor connected to the lock manage contacts within the intercom.

Works fine, my Z-wave lock could be opened or closed by a RFID tags (each user gets his own), I could open my door from anywhere in the world and able so see photos / video of any person near from a door (silently or in intercom mode)

  1. (do not forget to order RFID module)


  3. Any SIP phone with Video support - Snom 870, GrandStream, etc or any SIP Video phone application (plenty of choices - iphone, android, win, mac, etc).

Camera device could be easily added to Vera as well as 2N device works as IP camera (just use http URL to get a motion jpeg images or video stream)

Hi shapa

Do you have any actual photos of your set up that you can share? - It sounds very cool !

There are lot many video intercom system available in the market. Have a look to this to find what you require.

buy video intercom system

2n products seems good do you have the Vario or Force?
Do they sell a starter kit and do the installation by myself?

I think the helios solution is very interesting…let me just know how this works with your vera…

  • does anyone know if vera has a full integration with this helios intercom? I know fibaro fully does!
  • in your installation, can you only see the intercom as a camera? With or without sound?
  • when someone push the bell button, do you get a notification from vera app? or does it comes only from a sip device or sip app?

I’d like it to be all inside the vera app, not to swith to a sip app or a sip phone to answer!

  • why did you use the fibaro universal sensor?

Integration with the Helios (as is available for Fibaro) would be so good. Although its possible to hack this by adding universal sensors to the door strike relay, Helios supports http based comms and so should be very easy to integrate via IP for simple stuff like detecting a button press.

Any progress on this?