Any way to set a widget to run a scene with VeraMobile

I am fairly sure you can’t do this directly in VeraMobile, but is there some work around I could do (even with additional apps) that would give me a widget on my Android screen so that when I pushed it, it would run a scene?

Yes this capability is in the Imperihome app, but I have given up on that app. Half the time the scene does not run even though Imperihome says it did.

A way I use to do this is a http request. To run the scene I enter the http request in a browser on the mobile and add this url to the homescreen. It really is just a workaround but works. (My phone doesn’t show widgets for Vera mobile).

Check out ImperiHome. I have a couple of short cuts on my S10+ screen that run Vera screens.

I’ am a happy Imperihome user but use the workaround on my children’s phone (not running Imperihome) for just one specific scene…

@TomD, Yeah, the prob I have with Imperihome is that if I open the app, and click on a scene it works. If I choose an Imperihome widget thats associated with the same scene and run it, it says its running it, but nothing happens. In the past it worked sometimes but now its not working at all from a widget.

@ranneman, Interesting idea about using shortcut, never thought of that one… will give it a try

ImperiHome can be a bit flaky for me. I’d say the shortcut works 80% of the time on the first try and about 10% of the time just doesn’t work at all. I don’t know why and have never been motivated to drill down into the app to figure it out.

From Vera mobile: create virtual switch and use Reactor to watch the switch and execute scene.