Any "Stacked" Switches?

I have a couple of rooms where I’ve removed a single switch and installed a double “stacked” switch in the original single gang box. One switch is for the light and one switch is on/off for the fan. No light dimming, and no need for actual fan speed control - just two simple on/off switches.

Does anyone make a switch like this in a Zwave flavor?

this Leviton switch is the only one that I know of that will do it: Vizia rf+ VRCS2-MR 2-Button Controller

There are several “dual relay” in-wall modules that sit behind the switch you already have. Just look for “dual relay” z-wave, fibaro, monoprice, everspring, and severl others make one.


THAT isn’t happening. At $135 for a double switch, or $39 for a double relay from Aeotec (a brand I’m using other products from that work well), I think we know what the clear choice is going to be.