Any "read-only" Zwave deadbolts?

Maybe I’m just paranoid but I’m trying to find an electronic deadbolt that will report events over Z-Wave but cannot be unlocked or codes added via Z-wave. Does such a device exist?

Perhaps you can mount a micro switch operated by the dead bolt and connect that to a standard window sensor.

The Z-Wave deadbolts all use a secure protocol between Vera and the locks.
Only that Vera can issue the commands to lock/unlock your locks.
However if your Vera is Hacked … then someone can remotely access your locks.
However if you follow the default security guidelines of your router … (Do not use unsecure Wifi or do port forwarding) and your PCs … (Firewall, Virus protection) you should be fine.

Quickset makes one with out a keypad, so there are no codes to share out or lose control of. You can however still unlock with z-wave. So gets you half way there.