Any new devices/add on for the Vera/Ezlo

Has anyone release any new devices in the past year that are a most to add?

Don’t know about new devices. The last ones I added were Centralite Zigbee devices on my Ezlo Plus, a few sensors. Not used Zigbee before on the Vera Plus really.

Some new addons for the Ezlo Plus, the Wifi Device Generator is quite handy for adding say a virtual on / off switch and having http requests sent out to control other things on your LAN or even web services like IFTTT web hooks.

They have a new Philips Hue plugin which works and does the basics quite well.

The Site Sensor and the WOL & Ping plugins work OK, I’ve tested them.

They support Broadlink RM Pro universal remotes somehow, can’t see that in the marketplace though, I’d like to see a Harmony plugin as I have those hubs.

This is what they have in the new Ezlo plugins marketplace so far.