Any help setting up HSM100 Sensors

I have purchase 2 HSM100 Motion Sensors to use on Vera. These apparently have different names, going under 3 in 1, or EZ motion. It appears I have them added to Vera, as they are showing up as “Combo Unit” and shows the Motion, Light, and Temperature. I have a light hooked to a Appliance module set to go on for 5 minutes, then off, when armed and tripped. This appears to work ok. My question is, when I press Bypass Scene, lamp still triggers. Is this controlled by HSM100, and do I have to make a setting change to HSM100?
My ideal Scenario is to arm system, have Asante voyager IP camera snap shots to Archive, and turn light on for a pre detemined amount of time.
If anyone can help me by some instructions to set this up, I would greatly appreciate it.

Same question here.
Did you figure it out?
I have HSM100
I need to trigger a lamp in other room if armed and tripped when the room is dark
So i setup a scene “ARM Motion” with ‘Event’ light level<30 command - ARM HSM100 and leave it
Scene “Motion Action” if motion sensor tripped - yes, command - tun ON light and after 5 minutes Turn OFF
Scene “Motion disable” if light level > 60 - BYPASS HSM100 and leave it

but it does not seem to work!!!

Any pointers?

Are you using UI4 or UI5?

I read elsewhere that motion processing/execution with UI5 has problems and some have resolved by downgrading to UI4.

I have 6 HSM100 sensors and have very unreliable response after upgrading to UI5.

My expectation is to wait until MC provides a update that resolves the issue. I really don’t want to downgrade.

The motion portion of the sensor works fine with UI5, it is the temp and light sensor that has issues.

  • Garrett

I can confirm what garrett is saying, motion works fine for me. Further information:,8899.0.html

I am on UI4.
I ended up deleting the scenes and redoing it again after a heal and it seems to work most of the times.

Sounds like UI5 is the issue