Any Gotchas to watch for? ... adding Ademco/Vista sensors into Vera Automation

Thanks to cybrmage, my EVL3 / Vista 20P panel is working with Vera.

The next step is to start using the Ademco sensors (door, window, motion) as devices in my Vera Automation (both native scenes and PLEG)

Are there any gotchas to watch out for… things that act differently than I’m use to with my Zwave motion/door sensors?

thanks for the help!

So no things to watch for? I thought I saw something a long time ago about different delays for motion sensor triggers/resets, etc?

Can I simply integrate the motion sensors, door sensors, and window sensors in and all will be fine - I will get instant alerts into Vera?

Hi Aaron,

I can’t recall exactly now, but I did run into some limitations before when trying to include my alarm panel sensors into my scenes. I can’t quite remember now what was the limitation (sorry) because I was more testing the waters with that especially since adding wireless sensors to the alarm system seems to be cheaper than adding z-wave sensors. But now that you mentioned, I remember running into an issue with a motions sensor on my alarm… something about status not being reported for individual sensors or something like that even though they all worked perfectly in the UI. I didn’t spend much time on it to be honest and since the Ademco/Vista alarm does not currently work with Vera Edge, I am waiting for it to be fixed and will try again.