Any experience with DSC C24-CAM54IRT camera?

Anybody have any experience with the DSC C24-CAM54IRT camera? Looks like a slick little unit. But there isn’t much documentation out there. In order to view any of the C24 user manuals you have to have a username and password for the C24 site.

Here is the non-tunneling version which you have to use the C24 hub. But they offer a version that can be connected to any router.

It appears to get its power source via the RJ-45 port, which would be perfect for me.

Does anybody know if it works with Vera Lite?

So I have one of these in my security system that came with my house (new build) but I am unable to view it. I’m currently working trying to integrate it within the Vera system (I haven’t purchased that yet either).